Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Best Photography Shop in Venice

Marco Missiaja's Pro Photo Italia shop at 1805 Ramo dei Fuseri
I don't know exactly how many photography shops there are in Venice, but I have no doubt about which of them is my favorite. I first happened into Marco Missiaja's Pro Photo Italia at 1805 Ramo dei Fuseri in need of a tripod. I later returned for a number of other little things--rechargeable batteries on one day, a memory card on another--and always enjoyed talking to him. A photographer himself, he turned out to be a great source of information (in Italian and English) on not just gear but the practice of taking pictures.

I also appreciated the fact that I could ask him about different lenses I was considering for my camera without ever feeling that his answers were dictated simply by his interest in making a sale. He didn't suggest equipment based upon its cost, or his profit margin. On the contrary, I've known him to simply tell me flat out that something I was thinking of buying was not something I actually needed.  

I learned about the camera I now use--a Fujifilm X-E1--from him as a result of asking about some of his own framed night shots of Venice for sale in his store. When my old Canon gave out not long after, he allowed me to try out his own X-E1 after I expressed interest in it. I haven't used my tripod since. (That was one year ago, when the X-E1 had been out just a couple of months. Now that Fujifilm has released the new X-E2, you can get the older model, with its excellent image quality and low light capabilities, at very good prices. I wouldn't recommend it, though, for someone who shoots a lot of action or sports.)

Marco and colleague behind the counter at 1805 Ramo dei Fuseri (image updated 11 Oct 2014)
Actually, my favorite camera shop in Venice consists of two small shops just down the same calle from one another. The little one at 1805 Ramo dei Fuseri has a full range of photography equipment--from memory cards to cameras, lens and bags. It is located a short equidistance from both the Museo Correr at the western end of Piazza San Marco and Teatro Fenice.

The interior of 1805 Ramo dei Fuseri (image updated 11 October 2104)
The second slightly larger shop is at 4463 Ramo dei Fuseri, about 100 meters from Campo San Luca. It sells the most essential photography equipment--memory cards, tripods, batteries, a few point-and-shoot cameras, etc, and is the place to go if you want prints of your own photos made--but it also serves largely as a gallery, with a wide selection of Marco's own photos for sale.

I've found Marco's prices to be the best not only in Venice proper, but usually as good as any I've seen on the mainland or online. But you can check this out for yourself by visiting his website and online store at:

And when you're in Venice you can stop in and see firsthand.

The second half of Pro Photo Italia at 4463 Ramo dei Fuseri
The interior of 4463 Ramo dei Fuseri


  1. Thank you for this info. I am a Fuji X user and fan myself. I am going to Venice for five days and I will certainly pay a visit to both the outlets mentioned here. Cheers, Geir

    1. I know that I really enjoy going into that photography shop, Geir, and if not for Marco's good advice I don't know if I would have found out about the Fuji X cameras--which I really enjoy using. I hope you'll like the shop, too.

  2. Nice post! How wonderful It was to enter those photography shops in the old days, when standard everyday photography was still technically difficult and the owner would be kind of a teacher.
    I'm glad these shops survive, and pretty sure due to the imagination and good work of their owners and attendants.
    I think the photography shop in the link below still exists, not sure, but in 2008 it was like this, so picturesque:

    1. The shop you captured so nicely in the linked image does still exist but less as an actual photo shop than as the office of a working photographer. He does have a few used pieces of camera equipment for sale, and some of his own works in various print formats for sale, and will take passport photos and the like on the spot, and will print your own digital images for you, but I think he is more a working photographer than a shop owner, so I'm pretty sure that you can't even purchase a memory card there, for example. But he is quite knowledgeable and quite nice to talk with--we've had some passport photos taken there and he printed an image for us on canvas--but it's no longer the kind of retail shop you photographed in 2008. Fortunately, Marco's Pro Photo Italia still is that kind of shop--and I've always found him to be very helpful with any questions I've had about equipment or technique, too.

  3. Does anyone know if either of these shops rent tripods??

    1. I don't know if they do, Cheryl, but you might give them a call or email them and ask, they speak English:

      tel: 39.041.839.3094 OR

      email: (if you email, specify that you are interested in renting from the Venice store, as there is also a store in Rome run by Marco's brother).